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Sexiest Man Alive cover and article

  • With many thanks to Stacie, here are the thumbnail scans of the cover and article of Matt's Sexiest Man Alive issue at People magazine. (But please also buy the issue and support Matt, as each SMA issue is judged against the sales of previous years.)

  • Update: There's an article at Variety on 'solid genre performances the Academy is likely to overlook', including Matt for The Bourne Ultimatum:


    MATT DAMON as Jason Bourne in "The Bourne Ultimatum"

    This kind of acting isn't easy. Every day Damon had to show up on set and look variously alarmed, determined, alert and ferocious while traversing three continents and beating the crap out of countless bad guys -- and he could never be sure whether the right amount of variety and interest would be present when it was all put together. Movie stars know how to do that. "Good Will Hunting" established his name, and "The Talented Mr. Ripley" proved he could act. But the three Bournes made him an authentic movie star, and just as the Academy waited until Film No. 3 to shower "The Lord of the Rings" with kudos, so Damon deserves a nod for kick-ass work in the third installment of a kick-ass series.
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