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Matt Damon News Column
EW Entertainer of the Year list
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From: (Anonymous) Date: December 24th, 2007 03:50 pm (UTC) (Link)
While I compliment Matt Damon on his generous contributions and work in attempting to make a better world for those starving oppressed people in Darfur, I disagree with his open criticism of any sovereign country's action or lack thereof in Darfur or any other nation in need. Mr. Damon on the Canadian CTV network openly criticized the Canadian Prime Minister. The Prime Minister is a very highly qualified economist, not a movie actor. He understands very well the needs of the poor and oppressed, not just in Darfur, but in many other places in the world. Mr. Damon is badly out of place making such criticism and in attempting to influence political outcomes in a country which at the moment has a fragile minority government.
While well intentioned celebrities have spent much in attempting to improve the lot of the worlds impoverished and oppressed, their accomplishments are minimal inaas much as they have not "wiped out poverty", as theri mission intended. The Geldoffs, Bono's and Damon's have without doubt been well intentioned in thereorganizing several international fund raising events, but have they irradicated poverty, have they stopped oppresion. Sadly of course the answer to both is no.
What these people do not have is the knowledge, expertice or experience in dealing with and resolving such enormous issues. Simple overnight fixes are not the answer, only properly thought out programs which include massive educational and training of the populace will there ever be a long term solution to the problems that we wish to effect.

Mr. Damon should be aware that recently, not yet publicised, that MR Harper, the Canadian Prime Minister wqas recently picked in a survey of some industrialized countries for a Canadaina news magaze
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