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Boston break, Red Sox

  • Matt did not attend the Red Sox DVD release event on Monday night, but was in Boston over the weekend. A sighting from the Boston Herald:

    Tracked down: The Sexiest Man Alive, Matt Damon, flying under the radar in a knit hat whilst doing some post-Thanksgiving food shopping at the Star Market on Mount Auburn Street in Cambridge.

  • The Boston Globe has posted an interview with Matt about the Red Sox, including:

    Homeboy Matt Damon, who narrates the 2007 World Series DVD that had its premiere last night at the Wang Center, is proud of his bona fides as a Red Sox fan, one who showed up on David Letterman's show last summer wearing a Sox jersey to diss the Yankees his entire interview. But even the Oscar-winning screenwriter and accomplished actor was impressed by the story related to him by his old roommate at Harvard, Sean Kelly, one of the emergency room doctors from Beth Israel on duty at Fenway Park during the season.

    "There was this 85-year-old guy in the bleachers who had driven down from Maine or New Hampshire with his two daughters," Damon said by phone yesterday from his home in Miami, where he'd returned after spending the Thanksgiving holiday here with family. "Anyway, the guy didn't feel well, and after some of the medics and nurses looked at him, it went up the chain to Sean. They realize the guy has had a heart attack, and Sean says, 'We've got to get you out of here.'"

    The man had come to the park with a small oxygen tank but still refused to leave.

    "The guy says, 'Big Papi is up, and I'm not leaving,' " Damon said. "He said, 'I drove all the way to see Big Papi, and I'm not leaving during his at-bat.' Well, the guy passes out. Sean's got the guy under the bleachers, with the paddles, doing the whole thing - 'Clear!' They save the guy, and he's still healthy. But is that guy a Red Sox fan or what?"

    Image Hosted by

    But if someone were to cast a movie about this team, whom would he play? The man recently chosen as the Sexiest Man Alive by People magazine opted to go small.

    "I guess [Dustin] Pedroia," he said. "What I love about him is how he gives everything he's got, on every play, every swing."

    Before Henry stepped in to buy the club, Damon and his acting buddy Ben Affleck had a chance to buy a piece of the team. They passed.

    "There hasn't been a day where I haven't regretted it," he said. "But look, I'd rather not be an owner and watch them win two World Series as a fan, than be an owner and not have reversed the curse."

  • A report on the extra bit of commentary Matt had taped for the Boston screening is at the Boston Herald (it's not part of the official DVD). A review of the Red Sox DVD is here, including:

    The biggest difference from the official 2004 World Series DVD to the ’07 version is the understated narration of Academy Award winner Matt Damon. Not that Denis Leary was unbearable in the ’04 edition, but he was saddled with all that Curse of the Bambino rhetoric, which made for a melodramatic tone that distorted the accomplishment. Damon maintains a certain hushed reverence throughout the 75-minute feature, making for a more focused, classier retrospective.

  • The Boston Globe has a special feature on the people and places of Good Will Hunting ten years on here.

  • Bourne Ultimatum has passed another milestone:

    U's "Bourne Ultimatum" also cleared a milestone with $2.4 million at 847 to push its foreign take to $207.8 million -- more than the combined international take of the previous two "Bourne" pics.

  • Details about plans to merge The One Campaign and DATA from the Washington Post:

    Now, if you are going to be taken seriously among the duly elected representatives of The People, and the people they appoint, you need to have a lobbying organization. Bono essentially has two: DATA (an acronym for Debt AIDS Trade Africa), which prods the big policy folks, and the One Campaign, which seeks to seed a grass-roots movement for poverty relief. Set to merge soon under the One name, they are housed in a pedestrian office building on I Street NW. The vibe could be described as a mix of National Geographic and Us Weekly. It's a place where pictures of Brad Pitt in conference with DATA's Drummond, of Matt Damon in Africa, of Bono arm-wrestling Houston Rockets center Dikembe Mutombo, blend in nicely with photos of African schoolchildren.

  • Update: A line from Entertainment Weekly's latest issue, where they "borrowed body parts and character traits from all over to create one colossally super superstar."

    Jodie Foster and Matt Damon - Their feet firmly planted, these grounded stars balance success with refreshing sanity.
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