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Directing project rumors

  • Producer Jerry Weintraub says he is working on a possible directing project for Matt in an article at the Desert Sun:

    Weintraub: "I have a big project with Matt. He's a very, very good actor and a very good writer and he understands film. We're talking about him directing something that I'm doing with Brad."

  • An extended interview with Matt by Brian D. Johnson (excerpts have previously appeared online) is at, including:

    Q: Later tonight you're flying to Africa with Ben Affleck?

    A: Yeah.

    Q: What's up with that?

    A: Well, I went on a trip last year with DATA — Debt AIDS Trade Africa — and they're kind of the parent company of the ONE campaign. Bono works with DATA and with ONE, and that was originally how I got involved. They do what they call listening and learning trips where you can go and hook in with all of these different programs on the ground.

    Q: What will you actually be doing there?

    A: Using the last trip I went on as a model, each day had a different learning focus, so on your itinerary it would say, "Today's learning focus: urban AIDS." We were in South Africa and we'd go in Johannesburg to Hillsborough — which is a very inner-city neighbourhood — and visit an AIDS clinic there, speak with a doctor, speak with some patients, get a sense of what the issues are. The next day the focus is microfinance, and we're in Zambia and so you go to a little bank in Chongwe and meet with the banker, discuss how many loans he's given out, who he's given them out to, then go and meet with all of the women who've received these micro-loans and listen to their stories about what kind of businesses they created — from a woman who owned a restaurant to a woman who sold peanut butter. The trip changed me in the sense that reading something in a book is a very different experience from going. Coming back from that trip, I felt like all of these problems had solutions.
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