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Ultimatum, Clooney, Green Zone

  • Impressive first day sales for The Bourne Ultimatum on DVD are detailed at Video Business:

    Sources say that counting sales into the rental channel, The Bourne Ultimatum has sold 3 million copies on its first day on sale in North America. That is strong considering Shrek the Third, which trumped Bourne at the box office by about $100 million,was estimated to have sold about 1.5 million to 2 million on its first day. Bourne grossed $227 million in the U.S., to Shrek’s $321 million.

  • George Clooney talks about his joy (and Matt's embarrassment) at Matt being named People magazine's Sexiest Man Live in a Hollywood Reporter interview available at Clooney Studio.

  • The Green Zone will commence filming on 10 January at a former military base in San Javier, Spain. Details are here.

  • More details about the Howard Zinn People's History project are at the Boston Globe.

  • Frank Marshall says Matt may still play Lance Armstrong in the planned biopic - details at the MTV movies blog:

    Marshall: "Matt [Damon] is certainly one of the front-running candidates [for the role of Lance]," he conceded. "If he wants to do it that would be great."
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