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Green Zone, Informant

  • An item from Who magazine (also likely to be in sister publication People):

    Matt gets his body set for a yo-yo year

    Matt Damon, 37, will push his body as never before in 2008. He'll work with Robert Severiano to be lean and strong for Imperial Life in the Emerald City, which begins filming early in 2008, then go plump for The Informant.

    "He plays a heavy-set older guy, so he'll stop training about halfway through the first movie so he's out of shape for the second."

  • Matt was named 'Sexiest Hero' of the year by People magazine - a report from the Boston Herald.

    Damon - who turned down the mag's "Sexiest Man" title earlier this year - was named People's "Sexiest Hero" because his "Bourne" trilogy proves he's "more than just a pretty face."

  • Universal's awards site has updated with the latest nominations and wins for Bourne Ultimatum, including a win for Best Film Editing from the Phoenix Film Critics, and a Screen Actors Guild nomination for Best Stunts.
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