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Paparazzi photos, Bourne, polls

  • There are three new sets of paparazzi photos of Matt and his family in New York on Friday and Saturday. Photos of Matt, Lucy, Isabella and Alexia are at Just Jared, with a photo also at (below). Photos of Matt and Alexia are at WENN and And photos of Matt carrying Isabella in her car seat are at Just Jared and Celebrity Baby Blog.

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  • A fun podcast interview with Joey Ansah talking about the Tangier fight scene from Ultimatum is at MSN UK.

  • Here are two end of year reader polls from Entertainment Weekly.

    What was the best movie of the year?
    The Bourne Ultimatum 28%
    (No Country for Old Men 21%, Knocked Up 20%, Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix 16%, American Gangster 15%)

    Which male star would you most like to see do a Broadway show?
    George Clooney 34%
    Matt Damon 32%
    (Shia LaBeouf 19%, Russell Crowe 14%, Tom Cruise 1%)
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