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About that party

  • From Joyce Wadler's column in the NY Times:

    And Mom Said She Loved That Movie

    One of our favorite moments at the opening of "After Ashley" came in the lobby of the Vineyard Theater when MATT DAMON's mother, NANCY CARLSSON-PAIGE, asked JOAN ALLEN what she did for a living.

    A certain piquancy, that, considering Mr. Damon and Ms. Allen starred in "The Bourne Supremacy" only last year.

    What's the deal? Is Mom not into thrillers? Or does she, much like ourselves, fail to recognize folks out of context?

    We certainly recognized the timbre of Mr. Damon's voice; it was that tone children all have when their mothers embarrass them in public.

    "Mom! That's Joan Allen, she's an actress," he said.

    Mr. Damon - who wore a black sweater over a white T-shirt, jeans, heavy black shoes and a knit cap - introduced his pretty, dark-haired girlfriend as "LUCY BOZAN, that's B-O-Z-A-N."

    Oops, excuse us, Instant Message from It is my expert opinion that when a man spells out the name of his sweetie to a reporter, it is a sign that he is really into her.

  • From the Boston Herald:

    After ’11,’ Mark odd man out

    Mark Wahlberg has been dumped by his pal, George Clooney, for fellow Hub homeboy, Matt Damon, Star maggie reports. Though Mark and George became fast friends on the sets of ``Three Kings'' and ``The Perfect Storm,'' it seems George's roving eye led him to Damon's wholesome appeal. ``Matt and George have become the best of friends since making `Ocean's 11' together and Mark feels completely left out,'' one source snitched. With fresh buzz circulating that Clooney has once again tapped Damon for his next film, a remake of the Rat Pack caper ``Robin and the 7 Hoods,'' Wahlberg has been allegedly nursing a broken heart. ``Mark is really hurt, because he and George had been talking about doing that film together for a while,'' the insider dished. ``Now, with this new casting news, I think Mark feels like he's been officially dumped.'' Oh, the sting!
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