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An amazing year

  • Matt had an incredibly successful year in 2007. Here's a summary of some of the highlights.

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    Film successes
    The Bourne Ultimatum opens at $69.3 million (August record), total world-wide box-office earnings to date $441 million
    Ocean’s Thirteen grosses $311 million world-wide
    The Departed wins Academy Award for Best Picture and grosses $289 million world-wide
    The Good Shepherd grosses $100 million world-wide

    Film festivals attended
    Berlin (The Good Shepherd)
    Cannes (Ocean’s Thirteen)
    Deauville (The Bourne Ultimatum)
    Toronto (Running the Sahara)

    The Good Shepherd (Berlin)
    Ocean’s Thirteen (Cannes, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Chicago)
    The Bourne Ultimatum (Los Angeles, Boise, Oklahoma City, Sydney, Melbourne, London, Berlin, Deauville, Mexico City, Tokyo)

    Awards and titles
    Named by Forbes magazine as the actor who who generated the best box office performance related to their salary
    People’s Sexiest Man Alive
    #2 in Ask Men’s Top Man for 2007
    #21 on Premiere’s Power List
    #2 on Autograph Magazine’s list of best autograph signers

    Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.
    Hand and footprint immortalised in cement at Grauman’s Chinese Theatre
    (Narrates Red Sox World Series DVD)

    Notable charitable causes
    Hosts OneXOne gala at Toronto Film Festival
    Visits Tanzania on behalf of One and DATA
    Participates in raising $9 million for Darfur charities through Ocean’s Thirteen events
    Promotes GreenDimes

    Frank Marshall:
    "He’s the greatest. You can see how down to earth he is. He’s so smart, he’s a wonderful, wonderful actor. He’s smart, he cares, he wants to give back. I can’t say enough. He’s just a great, great guy. There’s no baloney here. He’s a genuine, genuine, sincere human being and I love him."

    George Clooney:
    "He’s smart as a whip, he’s incredibly talented, he’s the nicest, kindest actor and person I know."
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