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Don't Move premiere, Greenlight

  • Matt has attended the NY premiere of friend Penelope Cruz's new film Don't Move. Photos from Isifa are below:

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  • From the Boston Herald:

    Tracked down: Cambridge homeboys Matt Damon and Casey Affleck working the batting cages at the Good Time Emporium in Somerville before snap-happy fans scared them away...

  • The Good Shepherd was expected to commence filming today, but it appears to have been delayed until August.

  • A not entirely correct NY Post sighting:

    Matt Damon and girlfriend Lucia Barossa enjoying a couples' treatment at the Clarins Treatment Boutique...

  • The new season of Project Greenlight commences on Bravo March 15. A video preview is at the official site.

  • An interview with Brothers Grimm screenwriter Ehren Kruger was at The Horror Channel, including:

    JB: Sounds like a very cool idea. A bit about the casting; Obviously Monica Belluci is perfect for pretty much any role that requires a beautfiul woman, but were you happy with the castingof the leads?

    EK: Both Matt Damon and Heath Ledger are going to surprise a lot of people with their performances. When you think of nineteenth-century Germanic authors, Matt & Heath probably don’t pop into your head, but they make it work. They really vanish into their roles and have terrific fun with them. Besides, the real Brothers Grimm were not quite as handsome. I’m not sure they could have carried the picture.

    JB: I can't wait to see what Gilliam does with it, it's a very original idea that fits his style perfectly. Have you been on set at all for the shooting?

    EK: It was shot in Prague and yes, I was there for a short while. The movie looks very lush and inventively designed, just as you’d hope.
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