May 12th, 2005

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Grimm preview Friday, Greenlight recap

  • There will be a preview of Brothers Grimm in Cannes, but Matt is not expected to be there. From the Hollywood Reporter:

    First up on the Weinsteins' Cannes agenda is a screening of 20 minutes from Terry Gilliam's "The Brothers Grimm," which has been set up for Friday at the Olympia. Gilliam and Monica Bellucci will accompany the film, which Miramax's Dimension opens stateside July 29.

  • And the start of Variety's story:

    Harvey Weinstein hit the ground running here Tuesday, hatching a plan to unveil 20 minutes of footage on Friday from helmer Terry Gilliam's big-screen fable, "The Brothers Grimm." To push the pic, Gilliam will wing to the Riviera to show off footage that he personally assembled with Weinstein's input.

  • Thanks to Natasha for her summary of Project Greenlight from last week. The season finale episode airs tonight.

    The episode begins with Day 3 of Post-Production. John is just getting started with the editing when he's informed that Matt will be flying in, along with Wes Craven and Chris Moore, to do the Bravo promotional shots and he wants to see the rough cut. Mike Leahy reminds John that Matt was the one who led the charge to get him the gig and notes that Gulager probably hasn't seen him since that infamous day when he gave his interview.

    Talking to the camera, John confesses that he didn't see much of Matt that day, either, with the exception of a rapidly fading eye, and with that he demonstrates by covering the side of his head with his hand and lets the fingers splay out across his face until only one eye can be seen. Then they cut to a shot of Matt from the interview with somewhat of a horrific look on his face as he listens to Gulager embarass himself.

    The next day, Matt is there doing his promos and then takes a walk to the HP trailer to see JG and the producers. He asks John how he's doing and he seems genuinely interested. After they sit through the showing, Matt looks very happy and amused. He says to the camera,"I was extremely excited with the footage. I think John did the best possible job. He was clearly the right man for the job. He really got the tone of it. It's silly, it's fun, it's over the top. He really had a great understanding of the way to make that movie work."

    Right after the End Credits shows, Matt turns to the group and says, giggling, "I'm worried it's not gory enough". John explains to him that at one point during filming, Joel came over to him and grimly pointed out that Feast may be the bloodiest movie they've ever made. Once again, in Matt's camera interview, he says, "I feel really vindicated and proud because John Gulager did such a great job, and ...I knew he would and so, I really kind of put my ass out there for him, so I was happy that he came through."

    Still in the trailer, John is entertaining his guests, and he jokes that this movie "kind of goes with the other 2 Greenlight winners, right?", to which the others laugh loudly. Matt queries, "Stolen Summer?", then proceeds to do his best [Feast] monster and 'slashes' through the imagined film stock. They are all having a good time and it is obvious that there is a great sense of relief and a worry off everyone's shoulders and that the visitors are visibly excited with what they saw.

    Later in the show, Ben comes to town to do HIS spot and lets Joel and Mike's assistant know that he will only be in town for the day and wants to see the film. Ben and Chris are talking about the assembly that Matt and Wes saw a few days before, and Ben is curious how everyone liked it. Chris is telling him the reaction of the group and quips, "Matty liked it so much during his interviews, he was like 'See, I'm a genius!' They both find that hilarious.

    Ben says that he "can't imagine the script being directed any better than it was". He elaborates, "I just feel like you were so, so the right choice for this movie"---and at this point I think it's obvious he's taking the piss out of Matt---"so, it's like a little self-congratulation for me.....for me to bask in my own genius (lots of titters from the group), yes, yes, I though so, I thought Gulager was the one."