July 7th, 2005

washington thumbs up

Seattle, set photos

  • Another west coast sighting from the Seattle Times:

    Matt Damon and a few friends stopped for drinks and appetizers Monday at the Beach Cafe in Kirkland. The popular actor ("The Bourne Identity," "Saving Private Ryan" and "Good Will Hunting" to name a few) asked to sit up front and enjoy the view, said Allan Aquila, the general manager.

    With one exception, folks in the restaurant either didn't recognize him or held off approaching Damon until he was finished snacking. The lone exception? A photographer — member of the paparazzi — who apparently was following the party.

    He was easy to identify, Aquila said. The photographer was taking pictures through the restaurant's front window instead of enjoying the view of Lake Washington and the Seattle skyline. That's when Beach Cafe manager Sharyn Strandt stepped into the picture and chased the photographer away.

    "We try to make sure people aren't bothered when they're here," Aquila said. Staff protection could only go so far. When Damon and his party were departing, three different groups of guests ran up. They all had the same request: Could they stand with him and take pictures?

    Afterward, Damon and company apparently boarded a boat at the Carillon Point Marina to go watch the fireworks in Seattle.

  • A Boston Globe report on yesterday's Departed filming at the Boston Common, and some photos from the set from isifa. The caption on Matt's shirt - Strictly for my ninjas.

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