July 12th, 2005

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Boston filming overview

  • An article in the Boston Globe reviews the filming of The Departed in Boston, including:

    Still, there are fanatics who will endure any discomfort to watch the filming of any scene, however vile the weather, however absurd the hour, however obscure the actors, however fleeting the glimpse of them.

    On a day last week when rain drenched Boston Common, Lisa Eloi of Stoughton arrived at 9 in the morning and was still there at 4 in the afternoon, standing under her umbrella and watching the filming of a rugby match, directed by Martin Scorsese, who kept himself generally dry under a tent, emerging periodically and briefly to rearrange actors in the scrum.

    The sky was heavy. Bells tolled from historic Park Street Church. From the set, the cries of "action" and "cut" echoed across the same muddy field where, more than two centuries earlier, British Redcoats trained to fight against the colonists in the Revolutionary War.

    "In fact, I have a picture of Matt Damon with my daughter," said Eloi, reaching for her digital camera.

    Flicking buttons, she finds the photograph and holds up the camera to show the image of a smiling Damon in muddy rugby uniform standing next to her daughter, who was there all day herself, as an extra, playing a fan watching the rugby players.

    "Matt Damon was very nice," said Eloi. "I didn't want to snap his picture without asking him, and so, when I did ask, he said, sure, no problem. Also, Mark Wahlberg was supposed to be here today, but he's not. And that guy in the blue shirt wearing No. 9," she said, pointing to the mud encrusted actor, James Badge Dale, "I don't know who he is, but he has big lines."