July 14th, 2005

washington thumbs up

More photos

  • From the Boston Herald:

    We hear: Cambridge homey-gone-Hollywood Matt Damon didn't stick around Boston during his month-long "Departed" shoot. Our North Shore spies say the "Legend of Bagger Vance" star was a fixture on the fairway - usually in a family and friends foursome - at the Andover Country Club every Sunday.

  • Also from the Herald's site, with the following caption:

    A (fake) bloodied Matt Damon, shown yesterday after shooting a rooftop fight scene with Leonardo DiCaprio, climbs into a waiting SUV on the set of ``The Departed'' in Fort Point Channel. The mob-cop thriller heads back to the Apple tomorrow. But, fear not, they'll be back (sans Matt) in August. (Staff photo by John Wilcox)

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  • More photos have been submitted by readers at the Boston Globe - this photo of 11 July from Kerrie Whiteaker:
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  • And a photo of Matt signing autographs for kids outside Flagship Wharf on June 24 by Karen Tinelli:

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