July 16th, 2005

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Emmy nomination, various

  • The Project Greenlight team have received their third Emmy nomination in the category of best reality program.

  • An item from the Boston Globe is below. The Globe also reports that Matt will be attending a benefit for Boston's Joslin Diabetes Center to be held in Newport late September:

    Matt Damon, in town to shoot Martin Scorsese's ''The Departed," stopped by Restaurant L at Louis Boston in the Back Bay with his dad, Kent, the other night. Damon chatted up Louis's veep Maria Fei and L's chef Pino Maffeo for a while, complimenting them on the food and the decor.

  • From a NY Times interview with Gus Van Sant:

    It's hard to imagine anyone more comfortable than Van Sant with his present artistic course. He looked serene even in the face of viewer confusion. He told a story about "Gerry," a film difficult to discern, even for its stars, Damon and Affleck. "I had to talk Matt and Casey into signing off," he said, "because they were, like, 'Let's go back and shoot more stuff.' That was their reaction to watching the movie. And I said, 'Well, we could.' And Casey said, 'Maybe next Tuesday?' And I said: 'We could. I'm not sure. I really like it.' And Matt said, 'You mean you're fine with the movie like this?' And I said: 'Yeah. I think I really like it a lot.' And he said, 'Oh.' And Matt and Casey looked at each other and said, 'Huh.' And then they said, 'Hmmm.' They said, 'So we're not telling anybody what happened?' And I said, 'Yeah, but that's great.' Fortunately, I had people who were on my side. Because Casey and Matt, they wanted to make sure that the movie wasn't insane. Which it kind of is."

    There's really nothing you can say to that, except "Huh." And "Hmmm." And maybe "Cool."

  • And from an interview with Billy Bob Thornton at the Buffalo News:

  • A positive review of Brothers Grimm is at Variagate.

  • Thanks to a reader for posting their comments about being an extra on the day of the filming of the rugby match under the July 8 entry on this journal (rugby photos).