August 10th, 2005

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Good Shepherd pics, premiere reports

  • Matt was back in New York on Tuesday for screen and camera tests for The Good Shepherd. Pictures from Goff.

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  • An AP report of the Brothers Grimm premiere:

    Heath & Matt Hit Red Carpet For 'Grimm'

    Brotherly, and even some motherly, love abounded at the premiere of "The Brothers Grimm."

    Stars Matt Damon and Heath Ledger patiently and cheerfully worked their ways down the entire arrivals line Monday night inside the Directors Guild of America. All the while, they discussed "Grimm," opening stateside Aug. 26, which casts the two as fictionalized versions of the real-life kings of the fairy tale.

    "Well, it's definitely not the (real) brothers Grimm," Damon told AP Television News. "I mean, the real guys were these wonderful, heroic scholars who really rescued Germany in a way, in terms of making them proud of their heritage and their folklore. ... We're like the 19th-century ghostbusters, but we're total frauds."

    The film is from director Terry Gilliam, whose work with Monty Python made the gig irresistible for Ledger.

    "And I love Matt and I loved working with him," Ledger noted. "He's a generous person, he's a generous actor, and (smirking) he's a fantastic tango dancer."

    "And he should know!" Damon replied, laughing. "No, well, Terry had me take tango lessons to prepare for the movie just because I move like such a mook, you know, that he wanted me to be a little more of a dandy and so he thought if I danced that would happen."

    Added Gilliam, half-joking, "I was thinking maybe I made a mistake and it should have been salsa. But I was trying to get Matt to move differently than we have seen him move and so the tango (Gilliam stops talking and starts dancing) ... and so I forced him to take tango lessons. It's going to serve him well in later life, roses between his teeth."

    Damon will been jet-setting, too. Last week, he finished filming his role in director Martin Scorsese's crime drama "The Departed." This week, he's headed to New York to start work with Robert De Niro, who will direct Damon in the mystery "The Good Shepherd."

    Working with Scorsese "was like the honor of my life," Damon said, adding that moving on to De Niro marks an embarrassment of vocational riches. "I'm so busy on stuff that I so believe in that it is hard to stop and smell the roses. But I love to work, I really love to work, so I'm digging it."

  • Another pic of Ben and Matt from the premiere at People:

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  • And a report from USA Today:

    Once upon a premiere in Los Angeles

    By William Keck, USA TODAY

    LOS ANGELES — Jennifer Garner and Michelle Williams treated their soon-to-be-born babies to grim bedtime stories Monday night at the Los Angeles premiere of The Brothers Grimm, a dark comedy rated PG-13 for violence, frightening sequences and brief suggestive material.

    Garner, husband Ben Affleck and brother-in-law Casey Affleck attended to support family friend Matt Damon, who stars with Williams' boyfriend, Heath Ledger, as fairy-tale publishers Wilhelm and Jacob Grimm.

    Wolfgang Puck catered the Directors Guild Theatre after-party, where Garner, wearing a loose-fitting printed top over a pair of jeans, chatted up Damon's girlfriend, Luciana Barroso. Ben became quite the protective papa bear whenever reporters approached his pregnant bride.

    But Damon's future children will hear highly sanitized versions of the Grimm classics. He said he's still recovering from when his mother read him the fairy tales as a young boy growing up in Massachusetts.

    "While we were making the movie, my mother actually showed up on set with my little hardcover (Grimm's Fairy Tales) book," said Damon. "Looking back, the stories are a lot more macabre than I remember. And there's some pretty racy stuff, too."

  • Matt and Heath talk more about the original Grimm fairy tales here.

  • A quote from the Leno appearance about a "tune-up" with the hypnotist is at contactmusic.

  • Matt's involvement with the upcoming IMAX "Magnificent Desolation: Walking on the Moon 3D" presentation is confirmed here.