August 12th, 2005

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Another premiere report, new clip

  • A report on the premiere from the LA Daily News:

    "Grimm" and bear it

    Elizabeth Snead and Joel Stratte-McClure

    The after-party for the Hollywood premiere of "The Brothers Grimm," starring Matt Damon and Heath Ledger, was definitely a family affair.

    Damon was on hand with his Italian bella donna, Luciana Barroso, who looked molto bene in a belly- baring black gown. Ledger brought his expectant girlfriend, "Dawson's Creek" cutie Michelle Williams in a very sexy low-cut Alessandro Dell'Aqua frock. And a suited-up Ben Affleck avoided the press by sneaking in the back way with his new bride, the very expectant Jennifer Garner. The beaming bride was definitely in an "Alias" Earth Mother disguise, wearing jeans, Frye boots and a floral smock top, her straight hair tucked behind her ears.

    Everyone, including Ben's bro Casey, hung out at the party in lobby of the Directors Guild, and there was plenty of back-slapping and belly-admiring.

    Damon playfully grabbed Ben's hand to check out his first wedding band, while Garner rubbed her expanding tummy (and let others do it too). She chatted with Barroso and grinned as Ben withdrew in mock horror after a USA Today reporter approached him.

    "I'm not doing any press tonight," Ben explained as he backed off, his hands held in the air as if the reporter were pointing a weapon, not a tape recorder.

    You can't blame the guy. He's probably been enjoying his under-the-radar private life, unlike some Hollywood couples we can think of.

    But Ledger and Damon were super-sweet to reporters, even asking scribes to help get the word out about "Grimm," which opens Aug. 26.

    Seems the enchanting film (think "Ghostbusters" meets "Robin Hood") about two brothers who con villagers by pretending to de-spell their towns, has had a rough time. The project was rescued and adopted by the Brothers Weinstein, but the recent Disney/Miramax split left the promotional coffers empty.

    So the cast - including Damon, Ledger, Monica Bellucci and Peter Stormare - are working hard to get the word out about the adventure fable directed by the wizard of fantasy, Terry Gilliam.

    "We just had a three-day junket, and I'll do a few more talk shows in New York," said Damon, who came straight from "The Tonight Show" to the premiere.

  • Another junket clip, with some transcribed excerpts, is at The Insider. Sample questions: Madonna or Mariah, Bentley or pick-up. Answers: Madonna and the pick-up.