September 5th, 2005

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Venice photos, Clooney Vogue interview

  • More photos from the Venice Film Festival are below from various sources. Lucy attended the premiere.

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  • There's a few quotes from Matt in the new George Clooney cover story at Men's Vogue, Fall 2005 edition, which also discusses the upcoming Syriana. Thanks to Clooney News.

    "The guy doesn't sleep," says Matt Damon, his Ocean's Eleven costar who teams up again with the actor in Syriana. "When I was staying at his house in Italy, I'd sneak along to the gym thinking I'm the only person around, and he'd be in there dripping sweat, having been in there for two hours. I was like: 'Oh, I see. All right. So it's not all that easy.' But he's fine for the whole effortless myth to remain. Of course he is, because it allows him to do exactly what he wants to do. When people look back, ten years after his career's over, they'll go, 'Look what that guy Clooney did, and we didn't even realize it was happening.'"

    "George has left a ton of money on the table," says Damon. "When I look at a career and say, 'What path do I want to follow? " his is the model. There are guys out there who try to micromanage it and try to hold the reins too tight. George is spearheading a new group of movie stars who don't think that way. His motto is: It's better to be in a good movie than good in a bad one."