September 8th, 2005

washington thumbs up

Good Shepherd, various

  • A detailed report (with photos) from the Good Shepherd set earlier this week by an extra, including his encounter with Matt, is at Jo Blo.

  • An interview with singer Anne Hampton Callaway, who appears in the film, is at the Post-Gazette.

    Ann Hampton Callaway is famous for her live cabaret performances.

    So why was she standing last week in a Brooklyn building repeatedly singing "Come Rain or Come Shine"? Her audience consisted of a film crew and a pair of famous actors dancing together for the upcoming movie, "The Good Shepherd."

    "It was really fun to watch Angelina Jolie and Matt Damon dance to it 1,000 times," said Callaway, who plays a vocalist in a society band in the film, which recounts the 40-year career of one of the founding officers of the Central Intelligence Agency.

  • This ebay item is a prop and food from the Good Shepherd set which is improperly obtained (and should be removed from the auction site for a variety of reasons).

  • A Spanish interview from Venice.

  • The full text of Matt's comments on Access Hollywood about George Bush and White House journalists is here.

  • Matt's former assistant of three years, Trinette Faint, is now a photographer whose work (including photos of Matt and other celebrities) is displayed at her new website