January 17th, 2006

washington thumbs up

Lance Armstrong movie update

  • An AP wire story quotes cyclist Lance Armstrong from an interview with a South African newspaper:

    In an interview with The Sunday Times Armstrong, who survived a bout of testicular cancer, said that Matt Damon is favoured to play him in the movie.

    "Matt's somebody I've known for a few years and is willing to play the part," said Armstrong.

    "He can dig into it on the athletic side and the illness side, but he'll also look and ride and feel like a professional cyclist."

  • Photos from the set of The Good Shepherd are at Just Jared.

  • George Clooney won a Golden Globe for Best Supporting Actor in Syriana.

  • A reference in Defamer and Jeannette Walls receives a little serve. I’m so proud.

    Citing the always-reliable foreign-language translations of an actor’s fansite, The Scoop circuitously notes that Matt Damon and the new wifey might be having a girl.