January 30th, 2006

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Presidential dinner photo

  • During the filming of The Good Shepherd in the Dominican Republic Matt and Lucy attended a formal dinner with Dominican President Leonel Fernández at his Palace. I've just found a photo of the dinner at atanay.com.

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  • Lucy recently attended a charity evening in Miami to support Project Medishare, which is seeking to re-establish the health infrastructure in several communities and facilities in Haiti. Details from the Miami Herald.

    Former U.S. Ambassador Steven Green and his wife Dorothea opened the doors of their elegant home in La Gorce for a Project Medishare fundraiser. It was held to raise awareness about the healthcare crisis in Haiti and to raise funds for the work that Project Medishare is doing there.

    Dinner was served on the outdoor terrace where Maya Angelou was the highlight of the evening as she read some of her poetry. More than 100 guests were so mesmerized that despite drizzling rain, did not move from their seats until she finished.

    Kimberly Green produced a documentary featuring Project Medishare and other nonprofits that save lives in Haiti, which was narrated by Angelou and her son Guy Johnson -- who also read his poetry that night. Guests received a copy of the film and signed copies of Angelou's book, Amazing Peace.

    Supporters included writer and poet Stephanie Johnson (Guy's wife); Hank and Lisa Adorno; Sheldon Anderson, president of Northern Trust, and wife Florence; Yolanda Berkowitz; actor Matt Damon's wife, Lucy Damon; collector Marvin Ross Friedman; Maryse Kedar, president of YELE; Don and Katrina Peebles; fashion designer Ash Rana; Torbin Riise; Barry and Cheryl Schwartz; Ellen Powers, executive director Project Medishare; Gerald Moore.