February 26th, 2006

washington thumbs up

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  • As the news and photo drought continues, here's a comment from actress Emma Roberts (Julia Roberts' niece) at the Chicago Sun-Times:

    Has Aunt Julia ever introduced you to any of her megababe co-stars, or at your age, is someone like Brad Pitt an old man?

    Hey, I was on the set of "Ocean's Eleven" with my aunt. I got to meet Brad Pitt and Matt Damon. Brad is pretty cute. But I like Matt, too. I love him. When I was 8, I was at this gas station in Los Angeles with my mom, and Matt was pumping gas right next to us. I said hello. The next day was my Aunt Julia's birthday party and I ran into Matt, who said, "Didn't I see you at a gas station yesterday?" It was a happy moment, and my aunt was like, "Emma, where are you hanging out!"