March 1st, 2006

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Gaghan v Soderbergh

  • Syriana director Stephen Gaghan again attacks the hand that fed and nurtured him in this Financial Times interview:

    "I wanted two hours 24 minutes. But Steven (Soderbergh, executive-producing) insisted on two hours. I think he was dead wrong and he ruined my movie." He ruined it? "Yes." Did you quarrel? "Yes." Terminally?"Terminally."

    He goes on: "You know what? It's the irony of Syriana [the composite name embraced by Gaghan for the Middle East countries fought over by oil seekers]. It's ego and power. End of story. Let me tell you something off the record." I turn off the tape-recorder and turn up my eardrums. Gaghan launches into a blistering attack on another significant player in Syriana who insisted on cutting the film just where, for Gaghan, its major veins and arteries were.