March 29th, 2006

washington thumbs up


  • A Gawker sighting is below. There was apparently some paparazzi footage of Matt on the set of Margaret on E News Tuesday:

    Saw Matt Damon Saturday afternoon at 12th & 2nd shooting a movie called “Margaret” (according to the NO PARKING signs). We walked by the catering table and I was going to say, “Hey, give me some food!” to whatever random person was standing around, but I got out “Hey!” and then found myself face-to-face with the talented Mr. Ripley himself. Surprisingly, he cheerfully said hi back, made eye contact, smiled. He’s much more attractive in person (looks like a male skilletface on film sometimes) and was pretty tan (make up?)

  • Here's another Bourne-like (and not afraid to say it) project announced today at Coming Soon:

    Davis Entertainment has pre-emptively bought Stephen Hauser's spec The Mistaken, says The Hollywood Reporter.

    Described as in the vein of The Fugitive and The Bourne Identity, the story centers on an American man who becomes a terrorism suspect while traveling with his family.