April 6th, 2006

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Charity auction

  • A lunch with Matt on the set of Ocean's Thirteen in Los Angeles or Las Vegas is up for auction at http://thejake.cmarket.com to support the Seven Hills Foundation. The bidding is already up to $1,600.00. Matt has previously attended events on behalf of the Foundation (see photos in the banner on the auction's home page). Reported at the Boston Herald.

    We hear: That Cambridge homey and all around nice guy Matt Damon has offered up a lunch with his hunky self on the set of “Ocean’s 13” to the Seven Hills Foundation’s benefit auction. The charitable cybersale, in honor of Matt’s friend, Jake Scileppi, is being offered on cMarket.com until April 21. Damon fans should check out http://thejake.cmarket.com

  • And the similar report at the Boston Globe:

    How much would you pay to have lunch with Matt Damon on the set of "Ocean's 13" and spend two nights in Hollywood? The bidding started yesterday for lunch on the set, with proceeds benefiting Worcester's Seven Hills Foundation and a golf tournament named in honor of Damon's friend Jake Scileppi. The lunch will be up for auction through Cambridge-based cMarket, an online auction firm that works with nonprofits, through April 21. The Jake Golf Tournament was started in 1981 by John Scileppi of Newton, vice president of national philanthropy at Seven Hills, and is named for Scileppi's son, Jake, 27, who is living with cerebral palsy at a managed-care facility in Andover.