April 15th, 2006

washington thumbs up

Journey to Planet Earth

  • Another article about Journey to Planet Earth, including quotes from Matt, is at the Washington Post:

    When it comes to the environment, Matt Damon said, he's not an expert or someone who stands on a soap box and lectures. But the actor does lend his voice to "The State of the Planet's Wildlife," another installment in PBS's ongoing "Journey to Planet Earth" series.

    Damon's narration is just one of several ways he enhances the show, said Hal Weiner, who with his wife, Marilyn, has written, directed and produced the programs and more than 200 other documentaries.

    "Obviously Matt is very, very busy," Weiner said, "but when we spend a day or two and discuss the show, he asks questions. He's a good writer. He has suggestions about how to frame an argument, what's best for his delivery. He doesn't just walk in and read the script."

    And Damon, who is paid millions for acting in films, has donated his time for the series. "I certainly couldn't afford him," Weiner said.

    When it comes to the larger issues of the environment, Damon is sympathetic.

    "It's easy to get completely wrapped up in our own lives, dreams and struggles," he said. "But what happens for a lot of people is that they eventually look beyond themselves. They look for ways to make changes in their own lives... There are little things, but they have an aggregate effect."