May 18th, 2006

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All quiet

  • Without any photos, movie news or baby news, it's very quiet. There have been numerous Matt references in stories leading up to the Will & Grace finale, including actor Sean Hayes saying in USA Today that Matt's episode was one of his two favourite episodes from all seasons.

  • Many thanks to a reader in the comments section for Matt's entry on the Premiere Power List:

    26) MATT DAMON
    TITLE: Good Thrill Hunting.
    2005 BOX OFFICE: $78 million.
    STATUS REPORT: Egoless actor stars or supports with equal aplomb, excelling in drama, action, and comedy. Brothers Grimm had less than a fairy-tale ending at the box office, but Damon mixed well with oil in Syriana. Will close out the year with a promising pair: Martin Scorsese's Infernal Affairs adaptation, The Departed, and the Robert De Niro-directed The Good Shepherd, with Angelina Jolie. Married fiancee in a quiet, no-fuss ceremony at New York's City Hall.
    NEXT: The Bourne Ultimatum, untitled Lance Armstrong project, Ocean's 13.
    YES, IT'S TRUE: Had agreed to sport a prosthetic nose in Grimm until the producers vetoed it.