July 1st, 2006

lucy matt mandela event

First photo (well, sort of)

  • The first picture of Matt with Isabella is at Grosby Group, where he's shown, with Lucy, taking her to the doctor. I don't have rights to the site, so if anyone can get access to the other photos in the series, or any larger photos, it would appreciated if you could please leave a note or links in the credits section. Thanks.

    Exclusive Miami, June, 29 2006
    First pictures of the "Bourne Identity" star and his wife Luciana taking newborn girl Isabella to the doctor.

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  • washington thumbs up

    Scan, various

  • A small (but no doubt false) article at Life and Style Weekly, thanks to Sammie323's Effluvia.

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  • Video of Matt's visit to Africa is available through one.org (may be media only).

  • From another 'attack the stars' article by a celeb journalist at The Australian:

    While the show-biz merry-go-round can become monotonous, there have been high points: Cameron Diaz burping mid-interview; a charming Geoffrey Rush talking pirates and Peter Sellers; Matt Damon calling me personally to check quotes.

  • More details of baby gifts provided to Matt and Lucy are at Celebrity Baby Blog.