July 3rd, 2006

italy lucy matt hand in pocket

Another hospital report, video

  • Another article about Matt's visit to the doctor with Isabella has surfaced at a Mexican publication here. Its veracity is unknown, but is it possible for Matt to have become more amiable?? My translation follows:

    Happy with his baby

    Matt Damon cannot hide his happiness in relation to his three week old daughter Isabella. As you would remember, the actor and his wife Luciana recently had a baby and although he is a very busy man he is taking the time to care for her every need.

    A few days ago, Matt was seen leaving a hospital in Miami where he took his baby for a general check-up. Those that were near him said the actor behaved very affectionately towards his baby and spoke to her a lot.

    They also said the new father has become more amiable and accessible to people, not that he wasn’t before, but is now even more so. People seeing him requested photos and autographs and he complied with good manners.

  • The video of Matt in Africa (1 minute 45) is available through this link, and includes some very funky dance moves.