July 12th, 2006

football pic premiere on shoulders

Boston weekend

  • More details on Matt and Lucy's weekend in Boston from the Boston Herald, playing catch-up:

    We hear: That Ben Affleck and his family went cruising around Nantucket and Martha’s Vineyard last weekend with pal Matt Damon and his brood. Both Cambridge homeys are new dads. Ben and Jen Garner have baby, Violet. Matt and Luciana, have new daughter Isabella.

  • A Q&A from tmz.com to end the Jimmy Kimmel theories:

    Q: Jessica Has Just GOTTA KNOW: What's up with Jimmy Kimmel apologizing to Matt Damon at the end of his show?

    A: At the end of his show, Jimmy Kimmel is known to apologize to Matt Damon, stating that time has run out. But Jessica, you need not worry - there is no bad blood between this late night talk show host and Matt Damon. According to Jimmy, "We do it at the end of every show for no good reason at all."