November 23rd, 2006

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Ultimatum in Paris, Running the Sahara

  • Scenes were filmed for The Bourne Ultimatum at the Tuileries in Paris on Wednesday - photos from Isifa below including Matt with actor Niels Arestrup.

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  • Update: People has updated with another photo from the set:

    Keeping his earlobes warm and toasty doesn't get in the way of Matt Damon's listening skills, as he consults with costars while filming The Bourne Ultimatum in Paris's Tuileries garden on Wednesday.

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  • A Running the Sahara update from DATA's Tayloe Emery is on the site, including:

    "We arrived in Timbuktu today by plane after spending the night in Bamako. It's a beautiful city full of Tuareg tribesmen and centuries old mosques, I love it here already.

    The runners are still in Mauritania but heading toward the Mali border. Everywhere they go people ask them about the white bands they are wearing and they proudly tell them that they are supporters of ONE. You can see some new photos of them with the white bands at the website.

    After the runners enter Mali they will head toward Timbuktu and we will tour an Africare's water irrigation project that is providing food and water to more than 30k people!"

  • A London sighting from the Mirror:

    Matt Damon dining with friends at private members club Fifty in St James's, Central London.

  • From an interview with Ben at the Metro:

    Are you and Matt Damon rivals?

    No. Stuff like that is just meaningless, although, of course, people like to make films into horse races. Perhaps we opened ourselves up to that. With Good Will Hunting, there we were, these two friends who brought their mums to the Oscars. How sweet. That story’s done now, so what are you going to say next? Matt’s movie did better than Ben’s, Ben’s movie did better than Matt’s. They’re not that cute. They’re not that sweet. Eventually it will be: F**k these guys, they’re not that good.