December 10th, 2006

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New poster, O13

  • A new poster for The Good Shepherd from impawards.

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  • From an interview with George Clooney and Steven Soderbergh at the Ottawa Sun:

    Already wrapped: Ocean's 13, which Soderbergh is editing now. Just another buddy experience for Clooney. "I love those guys," he says of his all-star castmates. "They're sweet and funny and all having great years -- Brad (Pitt) with Babel and Matt (Damon) with The Departed. Ellen Barkin's in Ocean's, she and Al Pacino work together and she and Matt have a very funny sequence."

  • A discussion with the two New York Post film critics on the best and worst films of the year included these comments by Kyle Smith:

    Kyle: To me, the Matt Damon movies "The Departed" and "The Good Shepherd” (Dec. 22) are masterpieces. "The Departed" is such a fast-paced demon of a movie, with its hilariously nasty dialogue and tough, smart performances, that I kept checking my watch because I didn’t want it to ever end. And the Robert De Niro-directed "The Good Shepherd" is "The Godfather" of CIA movies, a tense epic of business and family. It sets a new standard for cloak and dagger.