December 31st, 2006

matt family

End of year wrap

  • More favourite films of this year - this time from Matt and others here:

    Matt Damon: Honestly, I haven't seen any movies this year since my baby was born. I'm actually going to sit down with the Academy screeners and watch everything. But I'll tell you the movie I most want to see: "Borat." I can't wait to laugh.

    Steven Soderbergh: I love "The Departed." I only saw four films this year. But that one was incredible.

    Richard Linklater (director of "Fast Food Nation"): "The Departed." I had to see it twice to really appreciate it. The second time, it really blew me away with how brilliant it was. I cared about the characters the second time around. Scorsese is such a master.

  • Actor Wil Wheaton writes about The Good Shepherd and Matt in his blog:

    I saw The Good Shepherd yesterday, and it's in my top 5 movies of 2006, maybe even in my top 3. In fact, the only movies I think I liked as much were The Departed and Little Miss Sunshine...

    Everything about this movie satisfied me, from the script to the cinematography, to the editing and directing, to every single performance. Matt Damon is brilliant (like he is in everything he does) and I admitted to myself yesterday that I am equally admiring and envious of him and his career. He gets such great opportunities to do such magnificent roles, and he always lives up to the demands of the role. If I thought that I could work my way back into that realm of the industry, where I can compete for roles like that and one day work with actors like Matt Damon, it would almost be worth it to go back to the miserable frustrating and ultimately depressing experience of auditioning several times a week.

  • Eric Roth talks about a deleted sequence in The Good Shepherd here:

    On the back burner, the "Good Shepherd" sequel simmers. Roth has already outlined Chapter 2. There surely will be no shortage of material, judging by all the scenes cut from "The Good Shepherd." The film runs 167 minutes, but Roth's original script ran even longer, with a 20-minute subplot involving a brainwashed agent in the "Manchurian Candidate" vein that will be included in the DVD.

  • A Miami sighting here:

    Nearby at Nobu, Matt Damon tried to escape the paparazzi flash and get to his car, but it was "hell," says our source.