January 24th, 2007

ben matt oscar shout out

Nominations count: Departed 5, The Good Shepherd 1

  • Matt did not receive an Academy Award nomination for The Good Shepherd or The Departed. An excerpt from the commentary at EW's Popwatch on the year's biggest snubs:

    My colleague Joshua Rich, meanwhile, just sent me an email about the snub that really got to him. He writes, "I know he was a long shot, but I'm still pretty peeved that Matt Damon wasn't nominated for acting in either The Good Shepherd or The Departed. I mean, for my money, he was the real Best Actor of 2006, giving smart, understated performances in which it's hard to even tell that he's acting. And I've always said that that's the hardest thing for an actor to do -- play a 'normal' guy. Neither his CIA spook in The Good Shepherd nor his undercover mobster in The Departed had any kind of obvious physical or mental quirk that usually draws Academy attention. But, I ask: Isn't it easier to limp or act crazy than to just seamlessly disappear into a character for whom the drama is taking place somewhere deep inside? Even more than that, I'll state it simply: Time and again, movie after movie, Damon has proved himself to be one of the best actors working today, and he deserves more recognition."

  • And comments by Kevin Smith to the LA Times:

    Kevin [Smith] talked about his pals Matt Damon and Ben Affleck at last night's premiere after-party at Les Deux for his new romantic comedy, "Catch and Release."

    "I’m already a bit steamy that nobody’s given any love to what I thought was the best performance of the year – Matt Damon in "The Departed," Smith said. "He was an amazing, complex, villainous, amoral character but all the groups have overlooked him. I think that's a crime. He was a genius."

  • The Good Shepherd was nominated for Best Art Direction, and The Departed received nominations for Best Picture, Director, Best Supporting Actor for Mark Wahlberg (give it to the guy who didn't even attend the press conference for the film), Editing, and Adapted Screenplay. Paul Greengrass received a nomination for Best Director (United 93).