March 5th, 2007

paul greengrass deauville

O13, Bourne

  • Positive comments about Ocean's 13 by Bernie Mac here:

    So, not only is "Ocean's 13" going to undo all that damage, it's also another milestone for Mac. "Let me tell you something. I hate to compare anything, especially while I'm promoting. I feel that's disrespect. But 'Ocean's 13' is the best movie I've ever done in my life. No question, you're playing with the boys, and because it's personal. You've got all the boys, all my buddies over there. We've got George and Don Cheadle and Carl Reiner, Elliott Gould, Matt Damon, a sweetheart, we have Brad and all the boys. You can't say no. It's Soderbergh, you can't say no to Soderbergh. You can't say no, dude."

  • Bourne Ultimatum filming is back in New York, but here's a Washington report:

    Matt Damon and Joan Allen made a quiet visit to Washington last week -- it only makes sense that the actors in a spy flick should pass through town so discreetly.

    On location for "The Bourne Ultimatum," the third film in Damon's Jason Bourne franchise, cast and crew stayed at the Park Hyatt Washington Thursday and Friday, reports The Post's Amy Argetsinger. Damon was spotted lugging his own bags during his stay while co-star Allen dined at the hotel's Blue Duck Tavern Thursday night.