May 13th, 2007

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Bourne stills, Edgar Ramirez interview

  • New stills from Bourne Ultimatum are below, with more available at this site.

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  • Filming for Ultimatum was back in New York on Saturday.

  • Here's part of a translated interview with Ultimatum actor Edgar Ramirez from here - Ramirez says the film should have been called The Bourne Eternity (translation errors are mine).

    You have been filming for seven months. Are you exhausted?
    Physically I am a little tired. They have been seven months in which I have been traveling. Madrid, New York, London, Paris... it has been gruelling. The movie should have been called The Bourne Eternity. But it was a very interesting movie. I have been so stimulated creatively, that the exhaustion has only been physical, not mental. I am happy with the results.

    Why was it stimulating?
    It is a character study, of which there are many variables. But Paul Greengrass, the director, always defends the integrity of the movie, and that it has to be as good or better than its predecessors. That is very stimulating. Also it has been very special to be able to discuss with Matt Damon and the director each scene. Defending/discussing your character in a movie like this and to maintain integrity is very stimulating.

    Were you intimidated to be face to face with Matt Damon and Paul Greengrass?
    In principle yes, as with any project, it was difficult. The reserve before strangers is always there. But in time we became like a family. They are very open to suggestions. Paul is solid, knows very well what he wants and is therefore very receptive to other opinions. It has been an open process. He stimulates you to defend your character, but he also protects the integrity of the process. Matt is an equal. That makes a successful movie -everyone is trying to make the best movie possible.

    You are the opponent of Matt Damon.
    Yes. It is the part of the trilogy in which we find the true identity of Jason Bourne, the protagonist. Also Bourne has a new threat, a reflection of his past. It is an updated version of the program to which he belonged. One is my character. He is in the style of Jason Bourne. He is a dangerous type, as prepared and as astute as him. A personal duel between both is established. It is not a matter of being killed mutually, but to see who is the best one. Philosophically it is a film about free will, and how the freedom can be expressed. It does not matter how much we try to limit the human condition, it always manages to express itself.