May 15th, 2007

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O13, Trek, sighting, Arthur

  • A New York sighting from Gawker:

    Matt Damon
    Lafayette St & Franklin St, May 13th, 2007 @ 5pm
    My friends and I just saw Matt Damon filming the movie Bourne Ultimatum on Lafayette and Franklin in some office building. He looked extrememly hot. He had to film the scene over and over again. His wife and kids were with him.

  • Ocean's Thirteen writers Brian Koppelman and David Levien discussed the film and other projects at Premiere, including:

    BK: And many of the guys are people we have a history with. Certainly with Matt Damon, who was in Rounders. We knew Don Cheadle, we knew Scott Caan, we knew Casey [Affleck] through Matt and Ben [Affleck]... we have pretty familiar relationships with most of these guys on some level.

    BK: They all just want the whole to really be better. They really do. There were only a couple of times I can think of when George and Matt would come up and make suggestions on how to make stuff better. But actually how to make it better, which is very different than your normal motivation...

  • Internet rumors have cast Gary Sinise and Matt in the upcoming Star Trek movie, but Sinise has denied his casting rumor.

  • Update: a photo from People online:

    Bruising schedule

    He may be (slightly) bruised, but rest is not an option for Matt Damon, who continues shooting The Bourne Ultimatum in New York on Monday.

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  • A update from here, including:

    GreenDimes received a tremendous boost when Shah and actor Matt Damon appeared on an Earth Day segment of Oprah. The actor received the service from a friend he and Shah have in common. Damon then gave it as a gift to relatives and now serves on the GreenDimes board.

    The Oprah appearance triggered an instantaneous reaction, skyrocketing GreenDimes' customer base from the thousands to the tens of thousands.

  • An animated version of Matt will appear on an upcoming episode of kids show Arthur (another link here). Details from the upcoming schedule at WGBH:

    Episode #1106
    145B – The Making of Arthur

    Matt Damon guest-stars in animated form as the host of a new series, “Postcards fromYou.” When the Oscar winning star puts out a call for homemade videos for his TV show, he sets off a frantic rush among Arthur and his gang to film their lives. Could the experiences of kids in Elwood City really interest a television audience? They’ll have to wait and see if Matt Damon thinks so. (Note: This episode promotes the real "Postcards from You" initiative that encourages kids around the country to make their own videos.)