June 4th, 2007

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Interviews, Letterman Monday

  • Matt will be on Late Night with David Letterman Monday. If anyone can summarise the show in the comments section that would be great.

  • Interviews with George, Brad and Matt are at the New York Post and the New York Daily News, including:

    DAILY NEWS: So Matt, it doesn't hurt your feelings when you call up Brad and George and say, "What are you up to?" And they say, "Oh, we're making a Coen brothers movie ["Burn After Reading"] together?"
    MATT DAMON: Yeah, yeah, I appreciate the shout-out, that's nice. [To Clooney and Pitt] Thanks for reaching out and including me! [Faking irritation] I get to do "Syriana."
    CLOONEY: Yeah, you get to do the fun one.
    DAMON: Oh, thanks.
    CLOONEY: "Come out to Morocco, Matt!"
    DAMON: "Come out to the Arabian Peninsula."

    DAILY NEWS: Your friendship tends to stretch out to other pals, doesn't it? Brad's got a Western, "The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford," coming up in the fall, co-starring Matt's friend Casey Affleck, Ben's brother.
    DAMON: Actually, Casey is so neurotic... he would want to rehearse for his auditions for that over the phone with me. And we would talk and talk and talk. He would talk for four hours! And then I'd finally say, "Dude, I don't know what else to tell you." And then he'd say, "Fine," and hang up. And then he'd call Ben and do the same thing for another four hours!

    New York Post
    The rule of thumb on-set was not to overthink - and certainly not to overact. "There’s not a lot of actor angst going on," says Jemison. "Not a lot of actors talking about 'the process.' I think that would be frowned on by Steven."

    At one point, he says, someone brought in an instructional drama book, which was, predictably, mocked.

    "We were all joking, especially Matt and Don, about this book about the acting process called 'Relaxantration,'" says Jemison with a laugh. "We just made fun of all those rules that actors have."

    "There are occasions,” Soderbergh acknowledged at Cannes, "when it’s hard to get everybody to be quiet and focused."

    To which nearly every cast member chimed in: "Matt!"

  • A strange interview with Matt, which has no original quotes, is at the Scotsman.

  • A good quote from an interview with Don Cheadle:

    "I always like to think of the five stages of an actor's career, which are: Who is Don Cheadle? Get me Don Cheadle. Get me a Don Cheadle-type. Get me a young Don Cheadle. Who's Don Cheadle?"

    "Everybody gets retired," he adds, "but it can happen close to when you're ready to go."

  • Quotes from an interview with Carl Reiner at the Chicago Sun-Times:

    "As a group, there is no ego there," Reiner says of his "Ocean's" co-stars. "They're so happy to get together that they immediately set up a basketball court on the set, and they're playing jokes on each other and laughing. Then the cameras roll and their faces turn serious. Five minutes later, we're sitting on the sidelines talking about Darfur."

    Does Clooney play practical jokes on a comedy legend like Carl Reiner? "No, no, no, they're all very respectful," he says. "What I like is they include the old man.

    "They also like to ask me about things that happened before their time. When we did the first 'Ocean's Eleven,' I told them all my old show biz stories. By the third movie, we were covering family stories."