June 5th, 2007

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LA premiere and ceremony Tuesday, Letterman

  • A photo of Matt outside the Letterman studios on Monday is at People. A clip from the show is here, some reports on the appearance are in yesterday's comments section, and Celebrity Baby Blog describes Matt's comments about traveling with Isabella, including:

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    Matt: I figured out a couple weeks ago - we were flying from Paris to New York - she feel asleep and I counted her stamps on her passport and she has 11 stamps on her passport. She's got a lot of air miles.

  • Ellen Barkin talked about Matt on Good Morning America, including:

    Though he's not known for cracking as many jokes as Pitt or Clooney, Damon is hilarious, Barkin said, and he may blow his co-stars out of the water.

    "[It was] fun doing every scene with him," she said. "He could be the funniest. I mean it's tight and George would hate -- don't hate me, George, please -- he would hate that I said this but he could have just sailed past George in this one, I'm not sure."

  • There's a good interview with Matt at the site of Germany's Vanity Fair, including the following, translated by Maureen:

    Vanity Fair: Did success make you happy?
    Matt Damon: Success is relative. Naturally it is good for the ego - and for the bank account. But since I know both sides of the coin, I know also how quickly everything can go away. Also there's a lot of luck involved and that I don't forget. However at the end of the day what fills me with joy is the thought of my daughter and my wife. I married the love of my life - Luciana Barroso - one year ago, and we've since had a daughter together. That is the genuine happiness in my life and my daughter Isabella is my everything.

    Vanity Fair: Is being a star and a family man at the same time possible?
    Matt Damon: That runs surprisingly in parallel although we are a large family. My wife comes from Argentina, I'm from the USA - there's a large extended and scattered family on the North American continent. To be honest I don't think I could carry the heavy work load out without all of my family because I draw my strength from the people that I love.

    Vanity Fair: Does your private family life make it easier to deal with fame?
    Matt Damon: Yes, naturally - and also against other adversities in life. For example last year my freshly reconditioned New Yorker apartment was flooded by a defective fire sprinkler. Everything which was dear to me and expensive was absolutely ruined. Before my daughter was born that would have completely done me in. But when they called me to tell me about the disaster I was holding my daughter in my arms in order to rock her to sleep. I did not stop rocking her for even one second. Everything that I really needed I was holding in my arms already.

  • From an article at USA Today commenting on the careers of the O13 stars, and a separate article about longevity in the business:

    Matt Damon, 36: "He's a talented actor. That's not luck. He has made some very interesting choices. Coming off Good Will Hunting, people tried to spread the rumor that he and (Ben) Affleck didn't write that movie. Fast-forward to The Bourne Identity and wow, this guy is really good. The rap on him is that he has the goods to back up the look. He's not a pretty boy. He can act. Matt Damon did the Farrelly brothers comedy Stuck on You — how much more goofy could that be? A lot of actors would never do that because it would take away from their cool persona. He's willing to put his vanity aside and play against type, and that's not luck."

    It's that other side that these veteran actors seem to fear most.

    "The more difficult thing is sticking around," Pitt says.

    Damon adds, "I remember vividly on Ocean's Eleven George saying to me, 'You know, if you can pull off a 10-year career in this business, you are really doing something.'"