June 28th, 2007

football pic premiere on shoulders

Cheadle, Empire interview

  • Here's some more of Matt's discussion with Don Cheadle in Interview magazine:

    MD: You produced Crash [2005] but for some reason didn't get one of the producing Oscars given out for it. Now, I remember being at your house while there was this whole argument brewing over who was going to get credit for the film and seeing this form that you were supposed to submit--

    DC: The questionnaire.

    MD:--yeah, this questionnaire. And after the question asking what you had done to produce the movie, you'd only written one line, and I asked you why you hadn't written an essay. And you said to me, "I know what I did to produce the movie, and the people involved know what I did to produce it, and if they don't want to acknowledge that I'm the producer of the movie then that's on them." I thought that was a wonderful attitude.

    DC: You also said, "Are you out of your mind?"

    MD: I did, because you'd done the work and you deserved recognition for it and also because of my sense of justice. In retrospect, do you regret taking the moral high road?

    DC: Well, you've been to my house and you know where all of my awards are--nobody even sees them unless they're trying to find something behind the couch.

  • The source of the recent comment by Matt about Brad Pitt in Prague is Empire magazine in the UK. Can anybody screencap the Empire UK website (www.empire.co.uk) for any details about the issue? In Australia we can only access the local version of Empire, and cannot view the UK site. Here's the quote, as reported at the Mirror.

    Matt, 36, tells this month's Empire magazine: "I honestly don't know how Brad does it. He can't walk down the street anywhere, literally anywhere.

    "They're in Prague right now because Angelina's working, and he can't walk down the street.

    "I went to Prague and I didn't sign an autograph for six months - and it was great! The fame side is not interesting to me at all."

  • A very strange interview, with a range of possibly false quotes (and also six months late) is here.

  • Video footage of Matt, Ben and Lucy surfing in Hawaii is here.

  • Recent fund-raising efforts through the Ocean's Thirteen premieres and special events raised a total of $9.3 million for Darfur-related charities.

  • More photos of Matt and Lucy in Hawaii are at PopSugar.