July 10th, 2007

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Update on 'The Fighter'

  • Mark Wahlberg discussed The Fighter with MTV:

    It’s set to be the hottest corner team in boxing: one Oscar winner, one Oscar nominee, and an eclectic, fan-favorite director. If everything goes according to plan, "The Fighter" will bring together all of those elements, teaming "Departed" co-stars Matt Damon and Mark Wahlberg with helmer Darron Aronofsky for a gritty sporting epic.

    Recent reports have labeled Aronofsky as being in final talks for the project, but according to Wahlberg, it sounds as if the "Requiem for a Dream" director is officially onboard and ready to move forward. "I talked to him on the phone two days ago," Wahlberg revealed to MTV News. "We're going to sit down with Matt and just figure out when we can start it."

    "The Fighter" tells the true story of underdog boxing champ "Irish" Micky Ward (Wahlberg) and his trainer/brother Dick Eklund (Damon), following their lives from the rough-and-tumble streets of Lowell, Massachusetts to an internationally heralded bout at the world championships.

    Wahlberg is adament that if they’re going to make the movie, they’ll do it the right way. "The whole thing is to make it look real," he said. "I want to do these guys justice. We don't want to do any over-the-top, unrealistic fight scenes."

    For his part, the actor — who’s also gearing up for M. Night Shyamalan’s "The Happening" — promises that "The Fighter" will envoke memories of an earlier boxing classic. "If it ain't gonna be like "Raging Bull," then it ain’t worth doing," he exclaimed. “These guys, they have the story. Their lives are incredible. The things that they went through, and the things that they overcame and endured. It’s one of those amazing stories that I hope I get an opportunity to tell in my career. It’s going to be one of them gems."

  • A cute story about an enterprising businesswoman's present to Isabella via Matt has a happy ending with the product showing up a few days later in photos - details at her Kula Klips site.

  • Julia Stiles is on the cover of Cosmopolitan magazine promoting Bourne Ultimatum.

    After all, the girl is a movie star...and this month’s much buzzed-about Bourne Ultimatum is bound to make her an even bigger one. In this third installment of the hit franchise, she reprises her role of Nicky, and in true special-agent fashion, she only reveals that her part is bigger this time around and that Nicky considers leaving the CIA after being asked to do some questionable things.