July 13th, 2007

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Ultimatum, Esquire interview

  • The official Bourne Ultimatum website has been updated with lots of footage, information and potential spoilers.

  • There's an interview with Matt in French magazine Gala, issue 735. One quote from the issue is reproduced here, and translated below:

    "I am mad about my daughter, mad with happiness” says the actor. "Now, I am excited with each new stage and I become impatient. Her first steps, her first words, the first time that she stood up by herself… that was an unforgettable moment!"

  • Unlike that Gala interview, the cover interview in Esquire is very impersonal, and a somewhat negative look at Matt's career in between comparisons of Bourne and Bond. The author, Barry Miles, shows his lack of knowledge by calling Finding Forrester a major disappointment in Matt's career (he had maybe one minute of screen time), and one caption is wrongly labeled as deriving from Ultimatum when it should be Supremacy.

    A quote from the article:

    Many critics [of Matt] argue that this image has too often informed his subsequent output, citing even his most sterling performances, in The Talented Mr Ripley, Syriana and The Good Shepherd, as numb - neutral, even.

    "I do know what people mean when they say that," says Damon, "but I've always played characters that have interested me, and I've got to work with directors like Soderbergh, Coppola, Spielberg, Redford, Minghella, Scorsese and then De Niro, so I've done OK. But it's fine if people think I'm boring." He flashes a smile. "That's a good thing."

    A quote from Paul Greengrass:

    "This is a completely new story, very different from the novel. It's written by Tony Gilroy and Tom Stoppard, and it has all the excitement you'd expect from a Bourne movie. It's visceral action, really cool intelligence, immaculate timing and a little bit of wit. In fact..." he stops and his bespectacled visage cracks a broad grin, "...it's going to be fucking fantastic."

  • It was announced today that Universal has partnered with some major international sponsors for cross-promotion initiatives, in the style of Bond. Details at Variety.

    Volkswagen, MasterCard and Symantec are expected to pony up more than $40 million to promote "The Bourne Ultimatum," which bows Aug. 3.

    The moves give the third installment of U's spy franchise that stars Matt Damon the kind of marketing muscle that MGM's 007 franchise has long enjoyed, with a slew of brands eager to tie-in with a popular character and property.

    The German automaker's redesigned Touareg 2 is prominently featured in a major action sequence in "Ultimatum," and the planned tie-in with the pic comes just as the SUV is rolling into dealerships in the U.S.

    VW's 30-second TV spots will work "Bourne" into its ongoing "Safe Happens" campaign, which show drivers surviving a brutal car crash. Ads will include clips from the movie's main car chase, plus a scene in which one of the pic's characters climbs out of a destroyed Touareg.

    Meanwhile, MasterCard, one of U's longtime corporate partners, will leverage its vast network of banks and merchants to reach millions of cardholders.

    While VW has a strong presence in the pic, and MasterCard appears via signage, the "Bourne" films have never been filled with blatant product placements. "Ultimatum" doesn't change that, studio execs stress.

    "There was a strong strategic decision not to take it to the level of a Bond movie and make the placements very obvious or gimmicky," Sperber said. "That's not what 'Bourne' is."

  • The promised Bourne promotion with Google has been officially announced here, and will launch on 16 July. Some details:

    Universal Pictures, in collaboration with Google, today announced "The Ultimate Search for Bourne with Google," an online game inspired by Universal's Bourne action series ("The Bourne Identity," "The Bourne Supremacy" and the most recent film in the series, "The Bourne Ultimatum"). Players will assume the persona of a former CIA operative as they track rogue agent Jason Bourne across three continents. The game, which launches Monday, July 16, simultaneously in seven countries, allows participants to answer clues that will bring them one step closer to uncovering Bourne's identity, in the weeks leading to the opening of "The Bourne Ultimatum" on August 3.

    Using Google(TM) tools including Search, Maps, Images, Translate and YouTube(TM), players will track Bourne online, in the hopes that what he knows will prove helpful in their own quests. With new clues and active game play provided to site visitors each weekday -- 15 in total -- the game concludes on the film's opening day. Along the way, registered users will have the chance to win amazing prizes, including the grand prize: a 2008 Volkswagen Touareg 2, designed to the specifications of the car seen in the film, as well as a four-city trip to international destinations featured in the movie and $25,000.

  • A story on Micky Ward, with references to the Fighter project, is here.

  • A quote from Jon Bon Jovi, reproduced at WENN:

    "Matt Damon would be me and Ben Affleck would be Richie (Sambora)." JON BON JOVI has chosen the stars to play him in Bon Jovi: The Musical.

  • Matt will appear in a new Internet short film developed by the Center for American Progress - details at the Examiner blog, including the rather unique photo below.

    Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

    Yes, that is Matt Damon in a gas-pump suit. And, no, it’s not because his career is taking a nosedive.

    Damon appears in a forthcoming Internet movie put out by the Center for American Progress. Also showing up in the so-far secret film: Ben Affleck (dressed as an ear of corn), Jennifer Garner, Joshua Jackson, Sarah Silverman and Jason Biggs. As you can probably guess, the movie is based on energy issues and is being put together in Hollywood, naturally. You can watch the first of several planned installments Wednesday morning at cleanmyride.org and later in the day on YouTube.