July 31st, 2007

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Boise premiere, LA photos, various

  • Videos, photos and stories from the premiere in Boise are at the Idaho Statesman, 2news, KRTV and KTVB - some excerpts below (with photos from the sites above and yahoo).

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    Eager fans of all ages packed the sidewalk and traffic clogged the street outside the Egyptian Theatre as the throng of people waited to get a glimpse of Matt Damon arriving for the Boise premiere of "The Bourne Ultimatum."

    But with no fanfare, Damon and his wife, Luciana Barroso, simply walked against the traffic from a nearby parking garage to get to the theater.

    Suddenly, as he stepped onto the sidewalk, the crowd erupted into a high-pitched extended squeal of excitement.

    Damon did not disappoint on any level, inside or outside the theater... As Damon and Marshall made their way down the red carpet, Damon radiated his affable charm. He joked with reporters, stopped to sign autographs and even stepped over the velvet barrier to pose for photos with a group of teenage fans who just happened by.

    Damon has visited Boise for the previous two Bourne thrillers, which combined, have made more than $500 million dollars worldwide at the box office.

    "It's become like a good luck charm for us," said actor Matt Damon.

    "Frank and I, when we're in the middle of making the movie and it's four a.m. and we're panicked and we don't know what the shot's gonna be, we always say someday we're gonna be in Boise with this thing and everything is gonna be done and we're gonna have no pressure on us and so it's turned into this finish line for us," said Damon.

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    But since 2000 when Damon first took on the role as Jason Bourne, his life has changed dramatically. He's gone from mister bachelor to family man.

    "I have my stepdaughter, my wife, my daughter, our nanny, my mother came up. I have an entourage now," he said.

    And while in Boise, Damon wants to continue a ritual once only shared with Marshall with the rest of his family.

    "We always go to the Piper Pub, at this point we don't want to jinx anything so we have our traditions that we try to stick to," said Damon.

  • Photos of Matt, Lucy and their friend Michele Merkin leaving LA restaurant Mastro's are at PopSugar and Just Jared, including:

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  • From an interview at MSNBC:

    "He works so hard," said costar Julia Stiles, who has been in all three films. "It’s amazing. He sets a tone on the set where everybody wants to make these films as good as they can be and he is tireless. He worked for seven months doing intense physical scenes and then also paying attention to the arc of his character and the storyline and making sure that every line of dialogue is right. And I think that he and Paul really collaborate well together and that goes beyond what an actor usually does.

    "He doesn’t just show up and say his lines. He invests a lot in his films."

    Damon’s other costar, Joan Allen, concurs. She says the coolest thing about working with Damon is that he "gets it" and that it doesn’t go to his head.

    "He’s just so relaxed about it and good at the same time," said "Ultimatum" costar Joan Allen. "He’s just a really grounded person. I just respect his work ethic. He works really hard and doesn’t take himself too seriously. His ego is incredibly healthy, he’s smart and he’s funny. It’s always great to work with somebody like that."

    One of the reasons Damon, who was single during the first two films, might be wanting to move on is because playing Jason Bourne is rather physically taxing, especially now that he has someone at home to chase around. Isabella, the first child Damon’s had with Luciana, his wife of two years, is one and running.

    "I started the movie in really good shape and the one thing I realized about myself now and having kids (Luciana has an older daughter from a previous relationship) is that I used to not have any life. I would go in for the old ‘Bourne’ movies and we would work six-day weeks, 12-15 hours a day and then I’d go to the gym for two hours, eat a little something and go to sleep. In this movie, I showed up in my ‘Bourne’ shape and as the movie went on I would go home and I’d work my 16 hours and I wasn’t going to the gym. I wanted to see my kid.

    "Paul and I were laughing because there were some shots where I said, 'Dude, you’ve got to cut that out!' I’m 20 pounds heavier than I was at the beginning of the movie. So yeah, that was a challenge and an eye-opener for me."

  • Various interviews and stories: Matt at Access Hollywood talking about the paparazzi in Hawaii; a CBS video interview; details on The Informant at MTV; a Sky competition to attend the London premiere; and Julia Stiles at MTV:

    "I'm so grateful to be apart of a franchise that is smart and Matt is really dedicated to the work that he does. I mean, every single line in this movie he thinks about and he's committed every single day to making this the best movie that it can be."