August 9th, 2007

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  • Photos from the Melbourne premiere are at Populp and PopSugar.

  • A story from

    He may be a megastar, but Matt Damon is, first and foremost, a doting dad. While Matt was in Sydney for the premiere of The Bourne Ultimatum, his wife, Luciana, and 13-month daughter Isabella were at home in the U.S. So to try to ease the tyranny of distance Matt and Luciana hooked up a video chat through their computers.

    However, little Isabella was having difficulty understanding the concept.

    "My daughter was actually trying to reach out for me and hug the computer this morning," a noticeably upset Matt told Confidential. "She thought I was right there in the computer and was reaching out from her mummy's lap and I just wanted to reach out to her, it was terrible."

    He said to save heartbreak for all parties, the video chat facility would be put away for a year or so, until bubs was old enough to get it.

  • More stories from local media are here, here and here, including:

    Last night the Hollywood star was due to meet his friend, Joe Hachem, the Melbourne poker champion, for dinner and some cards.

    Earlier, he shrugged off a magazine survey rating him the most profitable actor in Hollywood.

    "Fuzzy math," he said of the analysis, which claimed his films generated $34 for every dollar he was paid.