August 22nd, 2007

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Berlin premiere

  • First photos from the Berlin premiere are from yahoo, with some below. In a report from the premiere here, Matt talked about needing acupuncture earlier in the day. The night before the premiere, Matt and family had dinner in the same restaurant as Tom Cruise.

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    Berlin photos, reports

  • More photos from the Berlin premiere are below, including some from Contact Music, with others at Just Jared and PopSugar. Reports on the premiere, including quotes from guests about Matt, are at the Morgenpost and BZ. PopSugar also has photos of Matt and Lucy at the Bocco di Bacco restaurant the previous night.

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  • Another Australian radio interview with Matt is at b105, including this quote from Matt, describing how it looks when he stands next to Hugh Jackman:

    "It looks like we’re brothers but one of us was left in the oven longer. He’s about six inches taller than me."

  • It's reported here that Margaret will open on 23 November.

  • Matt attended a Prince concert in London last Friday - a report from the Sun.

    Matt Damon and his Bourne Ultimatum co-star Julia Stiles rocked up at Prince’s London show on Friday. Matt was there with his stepdaughter. Bless. But Julia stole the show by getting on stage to sing Play That Funky Music with the purple one.

  • And Matt certainly charmed the British press - some examples of press reports are here and here. Matt also stated that he's a West Ham supporter and not a Tottenham fan as has been reported - from the Sun.

    Just when you thought megastar Matt Damon couldn't get any cooler, it turns out that he's a closet WEST HAM fan.

    We caught up with Damo at the premiere for The Bourne Ultimatum earlier this week -and he was only too keen to admit he's Hollywood's only Hammer.

    The Bourne Ultimatum -which took Pounds 70 million on its first weekend in the States -looks set to be the smash hit movie of this summer.

    "When I was in the UK for Saving Private Ryan, the only team they showed on TV consistently was Manchester United," says Damo. "But everyone on the crew assured me that was just like rooting for the New York Yankees, who I hate because I'm a huge Boston Red Sox fan.

    "I don't like supporting teams like Chelsea, Arsenal and Man U. There was this one poor, sad b*****d on that movie who supported Leeds, so I would watch the Leeds games with him to try and cheer him up. But it didn't work -they were terrible.

    "I liked West Ham, though. I always try and catch one of their games when I'm over here."

  • The following current Australian magazines have 'interviews' with Matt, although most are actually compiled from old interviews: In Style, Men's Style and Zoo.

  • Update: People is reporting that Matt met Tom Cruise at the restaurant, but Matt says (at least via my translation) that they did not meet in this article.