August 24th, 2007

football pic premiere on shoulders

Amsterdam premiere, Soderbergh movie cameo?

  • Photos and reports from the Amsterdam premiere are at Sentimento, and here. A short video interview is here, and good footage of the premiere, including some short interviews with Matt, is here.

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  • More photos from the Amsterdam photocall are at PopSugar and Kenneth in the 212.

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  • A short video of Matt kissing Lucy at the Berlin premiere, and other short videos from Berlin, are at Splash video.

  • Spanish media have been reporting for a few weeks that Matt is involved in the new Steven Soderbergh film Guerilla, about Che Guevera, that is currently filming in Spain. Matt may have filmed a cameo role in the film last week as an ambiguous German priest, linked to the CIA, according to this report.

  • An interesting article by Matt talking about his education at public schools, the influence of Gerry Speca, George Bush's education policies and Alexia's schooling is at the Times Education Supplement.