August 30th, 2007

matt lucy day after wedding

Sightings, various

  • An item at the Boston Herald has denied recent reports in Life and Style magazine and the National Enquirer that Lucy is pregnant.

    We hear... that Matt Damon and his bride, Luciana, are NOT preggers with their second child. According to pals of the couple, Mrs. D. isn’t hiding a baby bump. "Just because (daughter) Isabella is 1 people seem to think it’s time for them to have another one," said our spy. "But they aren’t."

  • Despite that report, here's a few other rumors within sightings at the Miami Herald and the Miami Sun Post.

    Date Night With the Damons
    Some concert goers en route to the Samsung/AT&T Summer Krush show by Kinky at The Fifth caught a glimpse of Matt Damon and his reportedly preggo wife Luciana at Nobu last night. If she was eating raw fish, we guess she ain't pregnant. But no one paid attention to what she was eating. They were too busy gawking at Damon's Bourne-again physique. Yum!

    Matt Damon, who was recently spotted buying one of those stand-up paddle boards at the Quicksilver shop on Lincoln Road, is about to be a daddy again. Damon’s wife, Luciana Barroso, an Argentine beauty whom he met in a South Beach nightclub, is reportedly three months pregnant with the couple’s second child.

  • An Australian interview is here.

    And in contrast to Bourne's materially unencumbered lifestyle, the man who played him was lumbered with a couple of trolleys' worth of luggage at every station.

    "It just looks like I'm travelling light," laughs Damon, who was accompanied by his wife, Luciana Barroso, her daughter Alexia, 9, and the couple's 13-month-old baby Isabella.

    The actor reckons Bourne's freewheeling ways would strike a powerful chord for anybody who has kids.

    "I remember those days when you could move from city to city. You just jumped in a car and went. It wasn't that big a deal. You would figure food and all that stuff on the way," he says.

    "If you have kids, there's that requisite amount of planning - when are they going to eat, when are they going to nap? And more baggage than I could ever have imagined. I thought the baby would get a bag. I didn't understand there were strollers, and car seats and Pack'n'Plays."

    Not that Damon is complaining. Or at least, only fleetingly.

    "I wouldn't trade my life for anything. I spent my whole life on the road by myself, you know, and it's just so different."

    Even with the support of his family, however, Damon says he found the third Jason Bourne film the most difficult to shoot.

    That's why he's still a bit puzzled by its overwhelmingly positive reception -by critics and fans alike. Bourne Ultimatum pulled in $US63.9 million on its opening weekend, topping that of its two predecessors. And the reviews have been almost uniformly good.

    "When we started, we didn't have a script in place. And so that was the biggest challenge, creatively trying to pull this thing together. This is a completely unique movie for me because I've never had one that's been greeted with this much success, and yet the process was so unbelievably difficult and unrewarding in a way."

  • An article on the new breed of action heroes at the Chicago Tribune.

  • An article on the upcoming OneXOne event at the MSN Canada.

    Last year Matt Damon was the host. How did you get him and other celebrities?
    "We have built a great relationship with D.A.T.A., which is Bono’s organization in Washington and they do a lot of work with Matt on the One campaign. They introduced us to Matt and his partners and they have become an integral part of our foundation."

    Who is hosting this year?
    "We’re very excited that Matt Damon is coming back. The other important partner is Wyclef Jean who is our musical ambassador; Shakira will perform and we will have our Making a Difference award winners who will be Richard Gere, Petra Nemcova, The Duchess of York Sarah Ferguson, as well as the three runners from the documentary ‘Running the Sahara.’ I truly believe they are participating because they believe in what we are doing. Both Matt and Wyclef are incredible philanthropists who do great work all the time. Having them involved with us is a real blessing."

  • Matt and Paul Greengrass will attend a photo-call, press conference and premiere for The Bourne Ultimatum at the Deauville Film Festival on Saturday.

  • An interview with Matt aired on Australian travel show Getaway tonight - some brief questions and answers.

    Favourite place to holiday - Goa.
    Favourite Australian travel experience - Travelling around Sydney harbour.
    What do you never leave home without? - Wallet, passport and house keys. "I've had the experience of going around the world and coming home in the middle of the night and not having the keys to my house. That is not fun."
    Favourite city - Rome.