September 3rd, 2007

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Arthur, Deauville continued

  • Another report on the Arthur appearance (which will air Monday), from the Boston Globe:

    Brothers Damon light up 'Arthur'

    Kyle Damon's gotten used to a lot of the showbiz glitz since his younger brother Matt catapulted to the big-time. But the visual artist admits that being part of the animated PBS series "Arthur" gave him a bit of a tickle.

    "It was something totally new," Kyle told us. The "it" is a new episode that airs today of the series based on Marc Brown's famed aardvark family in which the Oscar-winning actor provides the voice for an animated character and several of Kyle's pieces of art were included in the scenes. "To have other artists re-interpret your artwork into a new setting is so interesting," said Kyle. "I thought they were a lot more generous with Matt's abdominal muscles than my art."

    The Damon brothers got involved with the show because Matt did some theater at Harvard with series writer Peter Hirsch and show producer Pierre Valette owns works by Kyle. "But I have to say, I love the show, my two sons, who are older now, really engaged in [the series]," said Kyle. "Still it's all surreal." ...As for the world-traveling Matt, he was in France with his wife, Luciana Barroso, over the weekend promoting "The Bourne Ultimatum" at the 33d American Film Festival, where buddy Ben Affleck's directorial debut "Gone Baby Gone" will have its world premiere on Wednesday.

  • Bourne Ultimatum continues to set records with a great opening in Australia - from the Hollywood Reporter:

    Universal International's "The Bourne Identity" finished second over the weekend, grossing an estimated $15.1 million from 2,404 screens in 31 markets.

    The action sequel starring Matt Damon had six No. 1 openings, most notably in Australia, where it grabbed a 60% overall market share with an estimated $5.1 million from 252 sites, for a mighty $20,238 per-screen average. It was Universal's biggest opening weekend ever in Australia, and the biggest August opening weekend ever recorded by any distributor.

    "Bourne's" first place bow in Argentina produced an estimated $300,000 from 42 locations. A strong holdover in the U.K. yielded $4.6 million from 468 situations for an average of $9,829 per screen, enough to secure the No. 1 market spot for the third consecutive weekend. Holdovers in Spain and New Zealand also put "Bourne" No. 1 in each territory.

    With 24 more overseas territories yet to play over the next three months, "Bourne" has accumulated a total overseas gross of $75 million. Its worldwide tally is $274.6 million. A Mexico bow is due Sept. 7.

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  • Matt met up with George Clooney for dinner in Deauville. One article reported that Matt went to his hotel bar each night and mingled with guests, whereas George had the same bar closed and drank with friends.

  • There's a great story here of Matt visiting the grave of a great-uncle killed in the war just after the Normandy landing and having a memorable encounter with the man who had discovered his relative's body and taken it to a protected location.

  • More Deauville premiere photos are at Just Jared. Ignore the offensive and ignorant posts in the comments section. More photos are at PopSugar.