September 13th, 2007

Brad Matt One x One

Plaques of honor, various

  • The video of Matt's appearance on The Hour, where Matt talks about the successful H20 Africa initiatives is here.

  • A teaser trailer for Youth without youth is here.

  • The Cambridge City Council has passed a measure to dedicate the corner of Pearl and Auburn streets to Matt and the intersection of Pearl and Cottage streets to Ben. Details from the Boston Herald, with other reports at the Cambridge Chronicle and Film Stew (which includes a map).

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    "We do street dedications around the city for people we want to remember or honor," said City Councilor Marjorie Decker, who grew up with the Hollywood heavies and played Little League with Ben. "It just makes sense to dedicate those two corners to Matt and Ben."

    Matt grew up on Auburn Street and Ben on Cottage, and both actors remain "very connected to the community," Decker said. "They give a lot back to Cambridge in both public and private ways."

    She said the boys helped bail out the struggling Central Little League team last year. They’ve also given dough to support "mediation program"” and the Nora Theatre Company and Underground Railway Theater's new building in Central Square.

    "They've also helped in a lot of other ways that they wouldn't want made public," she said.

    The city is hoping the boys will come home for the dedication and unveiling of the plaques on the street corners but no date has been set.

  • Gus Van Sant said Matt has not yet been cast in the Harvey Milk project - here.

    Rumours have circulated that Matt Damon will play the role of Milk's assassin, Dan White, although Van Sant said only Penn, as the title character, has been cast at this point.

  • Matt and George Clooney are supporting a charity hip-hop single for Darfur to coincide with the Global Day for Darfur on 16 September.

  • I previously mentioned Matt's appearance on Australian travel show Getaway, but here's a transcript and video, including:

    You filmed in a number of locations for this movie, obviously Spain, New York, Morocco. Was there anything that particularly stood out in any of those places, your favourite time?

    For personal reasons I would say because it's almost impossible to choose between those European capitals because we were in Berlin, Madrid, Paris and London and they're all so different and each of them are really incredible for different reasons. But for selfish reasons we were in Madrid on Mother's Day.

    We were supposed to be in New York on Mother's Day, on what was meant to be Mother's Day in America, when we celebrate it in America and I had to work so I didn't get to spend American Mother's Day with my wife. But we were actually in Madrid the week before and we had a day off and it was Spanish Mother's Day so we actually celebrated Mother's Day a week early and we had a really nice day with the kids and walked around the park. So that was my favourite memory from being on the road.

  • Matt's contributed a couple of auction items to the upcoming Sean McDonough Foundation Benefit - auction items here. One includes a reference to a Los Angeles premiere for Running the Sahara being held in the first quarter of 2008.