September 14th, 2007

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Variety columnist attacks Matt, OneXOne success

  • Variety columnist Peter Bart has dedicated an entire article to attacking Matt for being reserved and not a media whore. It's all based on quotes from the GQ article a few months ago (which Bart says is the current issue), and Bart conveniently ignores or is oblivious to numerous facts, including all the public and media-friendly appearances and promotional events for the last few months. A few quotes follow, but comments can be left at the Variety site or in the comments section.

    I realize you don't like to get into the Harvard stuff, Matt, or for that matter, anything that touches on your personal life. After all, you've had extraordinary success at the box office lately, and you've also been noticing the tendency of other stars to self-destruct. Your conclusion: The safest path for a movie star is to remain totally remote from the media, and to be utterly secretive about your personal tastes and beliefs -- in short, to disappear as a person.

    Stars should be mythic; forget the up-close-and-personal stuff. With this in mind, you breezed through the star-hungry Toronto Festival, carefully avoiding media scrutiny. In fact, I never knew you were there.

    But if your goal in life, Matt, is to hide from your public, think about what you surrender. You are constrained from using your celebrity to advance political causes, as your friend George Clooney has done. You are inhibited from being an activist in social causes, like your friend Brad Pitt. You have to be, well, boring and elusive. Does that befit a Harvard man?

  • The OneXOne event raised $1 million from auction bids alone - a report here.

    A star-studded Toronto benefit gala hosted by Matt Damon has brought in $1 million in support of domestic and global children’s charities.

    The One X One Foundation said it is on course to achieving its goal to raise $5 million in the 2007-2008 fundraising year, surpassing previous years. The $1 million raised was from silent and live auctions at the event last Sunday. Figures on proceeds garnered from table and ticket sales weren’t immediately available.

    One X One founder Joelle Berdugo Adler said having Damon take part in the gala "means the world."

    "Besides being the most amazing actor, the most important thing about him is that he’s such a genuine, wonderful, kind compassionate man, and he really does it all for the right reasons," she said in an interview from Montreal.

  • Matt and Ben are pictured with fans in Tanzania in this photo at Perez Hilton.

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